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By Pat Page - I Ain't Mad at Nobody is Pat Page's humorous look at a time when life wasn't very funny. Pat's recollections of his childhood during the Great Depression years in Yutan, Nebraska, give us reason to chuckle and appreciate how our lives have changed (but not necessarily improved) in the last sixty or seventy years. We hope you will want to join us in celebrating Pat's sage wit and the delightful humor of his memoirs of hope!

Review by Joy Johnson, Centering Corporation

It all started when Pat Page wrote an article called "Moonflowers" for Bereavement magazine about his wife's death. Then came his cartoon book, Sad Ain't Forever; then his advice for widowers, Cowbells and Courage. Now, the best yet, I Ain't Mad at Nobody, a collection of stories about his childhood years in the nineteen twenties and thirties.

I Ain't Mad at Nobody isn't really about grief. It's about the fantastic years in Yutan, Nebraska, population 313, during the Great Depression. It's about characters everyone who's ever lived in a small town knows. And, scattered throughout, are Pat's familiar cartoons and illustrations. Anyone over fifty will bond with this book!

Pat's writing style has steadily matured, as has he. It, also like Pat, is soft and conversational, inviting you to uncap a beer or pour a hot cup of coffee and relax with a good friend. Each story is an individual waiting to be met. You can open this book to any part and find yourself smiling. There's a tear or two as well, as in my favorite, Nettie's Grief, which was also featured in Centering Corporation's Caring Concepts Newsletter.

Journey with Pat while riding in a Model-T Ford, dig some fishing worms and meet your first person of a different color all over again. Are you old enough to remember when there were no electric lights? Remember eating ice-cold watermelon and spitting the seeds? Are you old enough to have a memory image of a "Quarantine" signs on your front door? I'll bet you can't read his story, "Tuberculosis" without a lump in your throat, too.

I like books that jump into your hands, that feel good, that are sensuous. This one is beautiful. Andrea Gambill, who did the editing and Tom Myers, the graphic artist, did a top-notch job with paper quality, cover photo and binding. It's a comfortable book, both in feel and in reading. I've read a chapter a day - the longest is short enough to do in a few minutes - and I'll admit each one pops back into my mind as the day goes on. I showed our granddaughters the cartoon of the "little house on the prairie" - an old-fashioned outhouse. They had never seen one; didn't know they had existed!

The book is well done, well put together and just asks to be given as a gift. If there is a weakness, it's my personal opinion. I would have stuck a few more cartoons in the back part. (Pat could make a good joke about that statement.) As I said, that's personal. It's very difficult to edit a book of separate stories and have the pages come out properly. It's like putting a thousand-piece puzzle together, and in this one, there are no missing pieces.

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