Reprints from Living With Loss™ Magazine

The publishers of the previously published Living With Loss™ Magazine and Bereavement Magazine are pleased to offer legal article reprints for a nominal fee from our archives in the form of photocopy packets to individuals, businesses, churches, support groups, workshops and conferences.

With just a click of the mouse, you can order a packet of 25 or more copies per article. Indicate the article name, author, publication date and page numbers from the magazine article you want in the GIFT BOX/COMMENT BOX during checkout. Shipping will be applied to the photocopy packet and then sent to you quickly.

All article selections are copyright protected by Bereavement Publications, Inc. and intended for use as handouts. Please remember: Reprints are not for resale and cannot be photocopied for additional reprints. Reprints in brochures, cards, compilations, calendars, newsletters and books are strictly prohibited.
(Click here to read the complete reprint policy.)

Reprints-Buy: 9001 - Article/Poem Reprint Copy Packet

25 sets = $12.50
Indicate article name, author, publication date and page numbers in the
GIFT BOX/COMMENT box during check-out.
Copies are black and white.

Price: $12.50