Bereavement Publications, Inc. Children’s Books

OV132 - My Mother's Secret
by Donna Wright

An inspirational children’s book written for those grieving the loss of a loved one. A must-have book for libraries, schools, religious organizations, youth groups and home book collections! It is a story that inspires the young/young-at-heart!
1423 - Fluffy Love: Helping children deal
with the loss of a pet by Eve Shavatt

The death or loss of any type of pet can be very traumatic to a child. This is a hands-on, interactive workbook with suggestions and activities to be done in the book itself, helping kids make their way through the grieving process to find healing.
OV120 - Children Also Grieve
Talking About Death and Healing by Linda Goldman

Children Also Grieve is an imaginative resource, fully illustrated with color photographs, that offers support and reassurance to children coming to terms with the loss of a close friend/relative or adult who are supporting them through their bereavement.
1384 - Tear Soup
by Chuck DeKlyen & Pat Schwiebert
A whimsical, but practical metaphor for grief. A charming story for "kids" of all ages.