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THE PREMIER GRIEF HEALING PROGRAM - The Walking Through Grief product line is divided in to two sections. One is a series of single short DVDs with a variety of different focuses. Each DVD is designed to stand-alone and be used by individuals or groups around a specific topic. The second section is a grief program designed to be used in a facilitated environment that includes everything you need to run and facilitate a successful grief support group.
THROW ME THE ROPE: A Memoir on Loving Lauren –
By Lynda Zussman
Written in the voice of a loving mother, “THROW ME THE ROPE” is an endearing memoir about the miraculous life and untimely death of her daughter, Lauren. This book reflects hope, courage and faith. Available on – website –
Soft cover - $14.95; Kindle version $9.95
SAD IS NOT BAD by Harriet Vogel is an emotionally revealing memoir based on letters she wrote to her husband after he died. As a professional grief counselor she always recommended writing as a therapeutic tool. SAD IS NOT BAD will help you embrace your grief journey with the hope for healing. Available on Amazon in Print, Kindle and Audible.
SYMPATHY THROWS Send your condolences to family and loved ones with a unique sympathy throw blanket. Keepsakes Etc. can personalize your gift blanket with a photo or embroidery message. Order online or call toll-free 888-815-3455.
BEREAVED PARENTS of the USA - where grief meets hope and healing. Please join us for our National Gathering Conference, August 4-6, 2017. Reflect, Renew and Remember with Keynote Speakers, Workshops, Candle Lighting, Slide Presentation of our Children and a Memorial Walk. Connect with fellow bereaved parents and share your grief in a safe, affirming environment.
Unlimited DVD Streaming service for one year with access to seven award-winning DVD's on Grief:  Helping Parents Grieve, Helping Children Grieve, Changed Forever, Journey through the Shadows (when you've lost a loved one to suicide), Footprints on our Hearts (a loss of a baby or a miscarriage), Grieving the Sudden Death of a Love One, We Will Miss You (loss of a pet).  $199/Year's Subscription - Click here to learn more.
ETERNAL LIGHT - HOPE20 code 20% off - In Eternal Light, Gloriæ Dei Cantores presents a "collector's edition" of some of their most beloved meditative choral works. Be comforted by the lush choral melodies of Palestrina, Rachmaninoff, Brahms, Argento, and others. American Record Guide wrote, "you have no idea what you are missing if you have not yet heard these heavenly musicians."  Call 1-800-451-5006 at Paraclete Press or order on Amazon.
PATHS OF GRACE - HOPE 20 code 20% off- Surround yourself with the comfort of music with this recording that features works of Palestrina, Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Mathias, and others. The pieces capture a reflective, peaceful spirit with music of graceful melody and flow. Fanfare Magazine states: "the serene homophony of Victoria, the lush Romantic harmonies of Rheinberger, and the piquant chromaticism of Brahms and Mathias are all rendered with equal and equally commendable aplomb." Call 1-800-451-5006 at Paraclete Press or on Amazon.
The Chants of Angels - HOPE20 code 20% off - allows listeners to simply close their eyes, and be surrounded by these songs of prayer and comfort — just as they are surrounded by angels.  We all feel comfort knowing there are angels looking out for us and each Gregorian chant depicts a new aspect or story of these heavenly guardians, guides and friends. Call us at Paraclete Press - 1-800-451-5006 to order or order online at Paraclete Press or
Gregoriam Requiem - HOPE20 code 20% off - The Requiem Mass in Gregorian Chant is a beautiful tribute. Two traditional masses are included, as well as antiphons for the vigil prior to the funeral, antiphons chanted in the church beforehand and chants sung as the casket leaves the church. Call us at Paraclete Press - 1-800-451-5006 to order or order online at Paraclete Press or Amazon.
Words of Healing & Music for the Soul - HOPE20 code 20% off - When you feel overwhelmed, put away the smartphone, pick up some colored crayons or markers, put in your CD – and quiet your mind and soul. With this coloring book for grown-ups you can create something beautiful, and reconnect with the spiritual side of things while allowing the comforting and lush harmonies of Palestrina to wash over you. Call us at Paraclete Press - 1-800-451-5006 to order or order online at Paraclete Press or Amazon.
SendTree: An excellent online tool for those facilitating grief support groups. SendTree allows for group texting without the use of your personal cell phone. Simply have your group members text "JOIN" to your SendTree number, or you may upload their cell phone numbers yourself. You can quickly send members messages such as session reminders, schedule changes, cancellations, or even encouraging quotes. Reach out and connect with your members now by trying SendTree for free (see upper right corner of website).
HEAVENLY HUG ANGELS  are 24” soft boy and girl angels with extra-long arms that “hug you”. They are meant to be a comfort for those going through hard times.  Send a Hug to Someone you Love.  
Created in memory of my son…Gary.
STAR CHILD: A MOTHER'S JOURNEY THROUGH GRIEF by Jennifer J. Martin is a deeply poignant look at Martin's bittersweet healing journey following her son's death. In this award-winning book Martin shares her personal story through journal entries, poems and thoughts.
Recipient of the Editor's Choice and Publisher's Choice Awards
Available at and Barnes & Noble.
PINKY-SWEAR: Honoring My Daughter's Right to Die by Persis Oberreither
A story of the remarkable relationship that the author shares with her only child, Amy, as well as the series of events that led to the decision to have Amy's life support removed. A heartbreaking account of one mother's loyalty overriding the agony of separation and loss. Soft cover, 200 Pages, $14.95
Also available here at, Books Section.